Turning the Tide: LSU’s first interception sealed its fate against Alabama

The unheralded Lee made the play of the night for Alabama.
John Bazemore/AP

Adam Griffith’s 55-yard field goal just before half gave Alabama all the momentum heading into the break but it was linebacker Dillon Lee’s interception on the first play of the second half sealed the fate of LSU Saturday night. 

The costly interception was the first thrown by LSU quarterback Brandon Harris this season. 

The senior linebacker broke down the momentum-turning play after the game. 

"I recognized the play from the first half, they ran that same play," Lee said. "I told myself, if they run that play again, I’m going to get under that comeback route that they were running. When I recognized that, I turned and ran underneath it."

Following the game, Nick Saban gave Lee credit for the huge momentum swing and called it one of the keys to the game. 

"Well, better than getting a stop is getting the turnover," Saban said. "I think that was a heck of a play by Dillon Lee. It was huge in the game ― maybe the turning point in the game."

Immediately after the turnover, running back Derrick Henry scored to give Alabama a 20-10 lead and the game was all but over from there, as the Tigers only managed 16 points for the game. 

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