Man who ran onto field charged with throwing bodily fluid

BY Brett Smiley • October 12, 2015

NBC's broadcast of the New York Giants-San Francisco 49ers game Sunday was interrupted in the third quarter when a man wearing a 49ers jersey ran onto the field and dashed toward the Giants sideline before security workers tackled him near the 30-yard-line.

A stadium official identified the man as David Atwood, 25, of Connecticut, who was attending the game with his mother, according to After being booked on multiple charges including third-degree resisting arrest, trespassing and fourth-degree throwing of bodily fluids, he was released to his mother.

That must have been an awkard ride home. Here's how the absurd spectacle unfolded as Atwood bucked like a bronco, appeared to try to trip an official and allegedly spat at/on one, hence the "fluid" charge, which is considered an aggravated assault:

Not only did Atwood endanger people on the field but he missed the entire fourth quarter of a thrilling game, though he may have disapproved of the ending in light of his jersey choice.

[H/T JordanRanaan, video via @Barstool]

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