Jose Canseco wants to sell his detached middle finger, gun on eBay

BY foxsports • November 18, 2014

Jose Canseco somehow is making his strange month even more bizarre.

The retired slugger apparently needs a few ways to make an extra buck, as he expressed desires Monday to auction off his severed finger on eBay.

Earlier this week, Canseco tweeted that his finger fell off in the middle of a poker tournament. This was the same finger, of course, which doctors had to reattach after he accidentally shot it with his gun in late October.

The former slugger received some assistance and was able to put it back into place, but it seems like he's ready to part ways with the middle finger that started a whole month of strange Canseco news. Apparently his gun is on the market, too.

What's sad is that there's someone out there who will probably pay big bucks for Canseco's severed finger. Fortunately for the rest of us, eBay has a policy forbidding any transactions involving human body parts.

Thank goodness.

H/t to For The Win


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