Zero G's: Target botches Bridgewater's name on shirts, web rejoices

BY foxsports • August 6, 2014

Apparently, whatever is in the water in Denver has made its way to Minnesota.

After the Colorado Rockies misspelled star Troy Tulowitzki's name in a jersey giveaway last month, Target stores in The North Star State are pulling Vikings rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater T-shirts off the shelves as fast as they can.

The reason?

Someone forgot to proofread the shirts before they went to the screener. But no matter how fast Target moves, it isn't fast enough to evade the Internet:

"Even the most meticulous editor unfortunately sees an error slip through to the printer from time to time," Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Thomas declined to tell The Star Tribune how many shirts were made, where they were made or what would happen to them, but he did say that replacement shirts will arrive "in the next few weeks."

In case you missed the Tulowitzki blunder, enjoy ...

And as for Bridgewater, maybe this video will make him feel better:

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