Teams who should make a run at Matt Cassel

BY foxsports • February 27, 2009

The NFL Scouting Combine is really a major football convention, complete with hundreds of agents working on deals with teams and general managers days before the official opening of free agency. There is very little moral high ground in this area, something akin to bank executives approving billions in mortgages to home owners they knew didn't qualify nor could afford it down the road.

But this is America, home of the bailout. Anything goes and the rules be damned even in the NFL because agents, just like many an NFL team, don't want to get caught missing out on the right player or getting the most money possible. American workers are being laid off while in the NFL a few players are actually moving up the pay scale to where a few more will be making almost a $1 million per game. When I broke into the league, Rams' veterans went nuts when No. 1 pick Johnnie Johnson got $1 million over eight years!

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