Report: NFL is considering taking away the Seahawks' second-round pick

BY Dan Graf • January 19, 2017

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll might be learning a harsh lesson from the NFL about how to handle his team’s injury report – or at least about how to button his lips.

According to ESPN, the NFL is considering taking a 2017 second-round pick from the team for not disclosing that Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman played much of the season with a sprained MCL. Not including injuries on official weekly reports is a big no-no, and – according to ESPN – the second-round penalty could be simply an upgrade from the fifth-round pick the league docked the Seahawks for allowing excessive contact in a June 2016 OTA.

Of course, no one would have known the Seahawks didn’t disclose Sherman’s injury if Carroll hadn’t said on his radio show Monday that the cornerback played the second half of the season with the issue.

The damage already done, he later tried to explain the mistake at his Monday press conference:

“I’m feeling like I screwed that up with not telling you that. He was OK, so I don’t know. He never missed anything, I guess, is probably why.

“I didn’t realize that we hadn’t even revealed it. I don’t even remember what game (he hurt it), it was somewhere in the middle, he was fine about it, he didn’t miss anything.”

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