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NFL prospect denies trashing room
National Football League

NFL prospect denies trashing room

Published Apr. 18, 2013 1:00 a.m. ET

Former Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, one of the prospects whose hotel room was reportedly trashed during the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, denies any wrongdoing, has learned in an exclusive interview.

The Crowne Plaza room in question reportedly belonged to Hopkins and a fellow prospect, former Rutgers wide receiver Mark Harrison, but Hopkins says the room was fine when he checked out.

“Luckily, thank god, my agent got my flight booked early or it really would’ve been questionable if I did [it] or not,” Hopkins said. “My agent got my flight booked early, he told me hurry up.”

“I got done before Mark Harrison, so I was already packed. I already took a shower and packed and everything. Mark came in and we spoke for at least 20 minutes about the Combine. Then the bellman came in and helped me get my bags out. And I left. That’s honestly all I can say.”


Hopkins said he hopped on a flight and heard the reports that his room was trashed and covered in “feces” the next day from his agent Hadley Engelhard.

“Honestly, at first when I heard about it, I asked [Engelhard] if I can call [Mark Harrison] and talk to him and ask him what happened after I left. And he told me not to worry about it. If you didn’t do anything then you have nothing to prove. You know, it’s just mind-boggling that someone would do that.”

Hopkins roomed with Harrison during the duration of the Combine and feels the Rutgers receiver had nothing to do with what happened.

“I say check the cameras, that’s the best way that you’re going to get the answer," Hopkins said. "Check the cameras and check the timing of everything.”

Harrison's agent, Ed Wasielewski, told ESPN that Harrison was not involved.

"My client completely denies having anything to do with the hotel incident," he told ESPN.

Hopkins decided to forgo his senior season following a very productive year in 2012 at Clemson. Hopkins hauled in 82 receptions for 1,405 yards and 18 touchdowns during his junior year. Throughout the draft process, Hopkins has been pegged to be a late first-round pick to early second round.


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