Madden video game to cover concussions

BY foxsports • April 18, 2011

Former NFL head coach and Hall of Fame member John Madden said he wants his video game to help bring attention to the NFL's effort to reduce concussions.

Madden, who serves as a co-chairman on the player safety advisory panel, said during a media conference call Monday that concussions will be recognized in the immensely popular Madden video game. He said he has tried to make his video game mirror the NFL as much as possible.

“A couple of years ago when we saw that helmet-to-helmet (injuries) were a big thing. We took out all of the helmet-to-helmet (hits) out of the game, but we didn’t take the concussion out. We’re doing that now. If we can get terms in the video game that commentators can use, that everyone will be more aware.”

The video game will use a term that is universal for players that aren’t allowed to go back in the game after suffering a concussion.

“When a player is concussed and is out, the word is 'no go.' We’re going to use that word in the video game,” the legendary coach and broadcaster said. “I think it ought to be used on TV. We have a protocol on the safety panel. Our protocol is the player has to leave the field and will be escorted by someone from the club and has to go to the locker room and will not be made available to the media.”

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