Just try to spell pitcher’s name

BY Sam Gardner • April 26, 2013

St. Louis Cardinals reliever Marc Rzepczynski goes by the nickname “Scrabble,” and it’s no surprise why.

In a league that has, in recent years, seen a Grudzielanek, a Mientkiewicz, a Samardzija, a Pierzynski, a Francoeur and a Nieuwenhuis, among others, Rzepczynski’s name may be the toughest to spell of them all.

Just how difficult is it to spell Rzepczynski? Even his teammates can’t get it right — and these are guys who have played with the fifth-year pro for more than a season.

Case in point: this video from MLB.com, which features Cards infielder Daniel Descalso and fellow reliever Joe Kelly failing miserably at putting the letters together.

Just like with Duke hoops coach Mike Krzyzewski, it’s that second Z that really gets you.

And if you have grand dreams of dropping R-Z-E-P-C-Z-Y-N-S-K-I for 40 points — before any word- and letter-scores — in Scrabble, you’re gonna have to let them go: You can’t play proper nouns, and there’s only one Z tile in the bag (and the blank ones are worth zero).

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