Braun's ban burns loyal fans

BY Sam Gardner • July 24, 2013

Ryan Braun’s 65-game suspension for PED use has left many Milwaukee Brewers fans wondering what, exactly, to do with their Braun collectables, and some have found creative ways to make light of the shame the star outfielder has brought to himself and the Brewers franchise.

But for other supporters, it’ll take more than a couple pieces of tape and a sharpie to eradicate Braun’s presence among their Brewers keepsakes.

Just ask Nick Yohanek, who isn’t quite sure what to do with an estimated $15,000 in Braun memorabilia. Yohanek has a room in his house full of Braun souvenirs — jerseys, helmets, bats, balls, you name it — that are now little more than hangdog relics from a time when the 2011 NL MVP was thought to be clean.

Not only has Braun’s suspension left Yohanek with a worthless shrine to a disgraced player. It also left him with the challenge of explaining to his 7-year-old daughter Clara what her favorite player did and why it was wrong.

Clara seems to be taking the news in stride, however, and told the local FOX television station in Milwaukee that her dad was planning on replacing the Braun gear with Packers stuff. Unfortunately, that won’t replace the sentimental — and monetary — value that was once attached to Yohanek’s beloved collection.

"It’s arrogant, and it’s just at a different level," Yohanek told FOX 6 of Braun. "I can’t explain it. … He must have felt pretty invincible to do that."

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