Acquiring Granderson hurts Yanks chances at Doc

BY Bob Klapisch • December 9, 2009

The Yankees' interest in Curtis Granderson was piqued a month ago at the general managers' meeting, when Brian Cashman learned the Tigers were open to dealing the missing piece in the Bombers' puzzle.

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Granderson, Cashman decided, was the perfect blend of power, speed, youth and affordability, all wrapped in a neat package. The Yankees wanted to complete Tuesday's three-way trade with Detroit and Arizona so badly, they did so at the expense of acquiring Roy Halladay.

One American League source says it's now "unlikely" the Bombers have the prospects to convince the Blue Jays to deal their ace. Having shipped Austin Jackson to the Tigers, the Yankees intend to hang on to Jesus Montero, their up-and-coming catcher. That effectively narrows the field for Halladay to the Red Sox and Angels.

Cashman knows he's taking a risk, giving Boston a free shot at a confirmed Yankee-killer. Theo Epstein is loathe to trade prospects, and has said he wants to hang on to righty Clay Buchholz. But after seeing the Yankees fortify themselves yet again, the Sox GM may have no choice but to pick up the phone and call the Jays.

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