FOX Bracket Challenge Game for March Madness Tournament

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Thank you for playing FOX Bracket Challenge. The 2018-2019 contest came to an end but we'll be back next basketball season. Sign in to view your brackets.

Game Features

  • BracketTrax

    The best game-day bracket experience available! Follow your brackets LIVE with BracketTrax.

  • Play on Any Device

    Our sleek design makes it easy to manage your brackets from your favorite device!

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Print Bracket

Fill out a bracket the old-fashioned way, Print Bracket.

How To Play

  • Create Bracket

    Getting started is easy, simply click the "Create Bracket" button on the game's home page to create your first bracket!

  • Make Your Picks

    Go with the top seeds or try and find this year's Cinderella team.

  • Follow Live

    BracketTrax lets you follow the action like never before!

  • Win a Prize

    The top prize is awarded to the top scoring Prize Eligible bracket.

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