Testy FIU player kicks opponent repeatedly in gonads

There is healthy competition in sports, and then there’s kicking someone directly in the biscuits.

These are two mutually exclusive things. This Venn diagram does not cross.

For this reason, referees could not allow FIU big man Adrian Diaz to finish out Wednesday’s second-round Conference USA tournament game against UTEP.

As Deadspin’s Tom Ley notes, Diaz broke a cardinal rule of sport with 1:30 remaining in the second half. He got mad at an opponent (alright), and then kicked said opponent repeatedly in the blintzes (very not alright).

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Diaz was hit with a flagrant two and ejected from the game. The Panthers lost 85-87.

Don’t kick people in the groin multiple times, guys. Don’t kick anyone in the groin any amount of times. It’s unneighborly at best.


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