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Carmen Policy: Shared NFL stadium in Carson will 'guarantee success' in Los Angeles
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Carmen Policy: Shared NFL stadium in Carson will 'guarantee success' in Los Angeles

Published Aug. 17, 2015 4:46 p.m. ET

If the shared NFL stadium in Carson proposal gets approved by the league, Carmen Policy already knows what he'll use for a toast ... his own wine.

Policy, the former President/CEO of the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers, owns a winery in Northern California (far-fetched idea, right?) called Casa Piena and has a special bottle that's 'very, very good' picked out for the situation.

Policy has been running point on the proposed shared stadium project between the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers with the hopes of keeping two teams with deep roots in California from looking to move elsewhere.

"We're ready .. and anxious to get started," said Policy on Monday during a lunch sponsored by the Los Angeles Sports Council at the Omni Hotel. 


In the same presentation he shared with NFL owners and Roger Goodell in Chicago last week, Policy outlined why the city of Carson is the best solution for the NFL:

Carson offers the best football location in Los Angeles for a shared stadium, would allow L.A. to become the 'mega-market' of the NFL, it represents the best decision for Los Angeles and it creates financial certainty, meaning, no public dollars were used for building.

The 168-acre plot would house, along with the 65,000-seat stadium, a venue for outdoor music, the future home of the NFL Network, a possible West Coast annex of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and much more.

And the proposed location, according to Policy, is right off the 405 freeway and will have an off-ramp that empties right onto sight. There will be plenty of parking to ease the worries of the seasoned L.A. sports fan.

"This would provide flexibility for the NFL for the next 50 years," Policy said.

The site, also, would create a 'Super Bowl nirvana' for Carson as the building would be designed 'uniquely' for the future of the Super Bowl.

And, as Policy heard 'loud and clear' from fans, the art of tailgating would be permitted, and essential, on the new land.

Throw in a farmer's market (no joke), 'huge' outdoor TV screens, 60K square feet of solar paneling, natural ventilation and a $1.78 billion price tag ... Carson is 'ready for NFL primetime.'

With the Chargers and the Raiders sharing nearly 90 years of history with the NFL (and in California), and the fact that both teams play in two of the oldest and most run-down stadiums, Policy's confident his plan will get the necessary support from the league.

"We will open (for) 2019 season," Policy said, "if approved."

Hello Raiders fans! L.A. knows you well.


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