Monkeys riding dogs chasing goats just isn't that weird anymore

BY foxsports • August 7, 2014

Everybody loves dogs. And monkeys are just the best. Based on what I've seen, goats are able to extract sustenance from eating tin cans, which is amazing and probably not even close to true.

Put all three of these animals together and you could have quite a mess on your hands. Or you could have the weirdest moment in Nick Castellanos' career.

The Tigers third baseman went on's the Chatting Cage the other day and was asked to reveal the weirdest moment in his professional career.

And his answer was exactly what you'd expect. Or not.

A monkey. Riding a dog. Chasing a goat. What could that possibly look like?

Turns out this is sort of a regular occurrence at some minor-league ballparks. 

And at rodeos.

And in this commercial for Taco John's starring Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey.

Actually, monkeys riding dogs chasing goats happens quite a lot these days. It actually might be more common than a perfect game, or even a no-hitter. So maybe Castellanos needs to just live a little, because a monkey riding a dog around while chasing some goats isn't all that weird anymore.

The bar has been raised, thanks in part to this guy. Dale yeah!

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