Mitch Williams reportedly gets into expletive-laced argument with ump at kids' game

BY foxsports • May 13, 2014

Who's the real Wild Thing here, Mitch Williams or the umpire?

The former major league pitcher got into a huge argument with an ump at a baseball game in Aberdeen, Md., over the weekend. His son's 10-and-under team was in a tournament, and Williams, a coach of the team, reportedly wasn't happy with some the calls he was seeing.

As recounted by observers to Deadspin, things escalated until Williams and the ump were face-to-face on the field, a confrontation during which Williams called the umpire the compound expletive that starts with "mother" — in front of all those 10-year-old ballplayers, remember — and Williams had to be restrained by other coaches.

One person at the game described it this way: "He went nuts. He got into the umpire's face like it was the major leagues."

Via his Twitter feed, Williams told a different story, denying any foul language, then putting the onus on the umpire, but eventually taking ownership of what happened and apologizing.