Former manager Weaver is 'still here'

BY foxsports • December 14, 2010

Former Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver said Monday "I'm still here" when asked about a weekend New York Times column that had mistakenly placed him among the departed.

Speaking to the Baltimore Sun, the 80-year-old Weaver declared, "I'll be damned. All I can do is say, that’s false."

In Saturday's New York Times, political columnist Ross Ramsey wrote: "Texas Democrats have become the Baltimore Orioles of politics. Somewhere in heaven, Earl Weaver and (former Texas governor) Ann Richards are comparing notes on what went wrong with the teams they left behind.”

The newspaper printed a correction on Sunday to clarify that Weaver is still alive.

Weaver continued, “I’m still here, although my knees have given out, so I don’t play golf anymore. I’ve always said that there were two places that I wouldn’t mind dying. One was Memorial Stadium (in Baltimore); the other, the golf course. Now I’ve got to wait forever [to go], because both of those places are gone.”

Memorial Stadium was the home of the Orioles until 1992, when the team moved to Camden Yards.

Weaver, who was notorious for his arguments with umpires, won four American League pennants and one World Series title in his 17 years as Orioles manager. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996.

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