Charles Barkley's baseball swing is still better than his golf swing

BY Cameron DaSilva • June 7, 2016

Charles Barkley was an outstanding basketball player. He finished his NBA career with 23,757 points and 12, 546 rebounds, which is 18th all-time. He isn't, however, great at sports that involve swinging objects. His golf swing is, well, atrocious. But his baseball swing isn't much better.

He took batting practice with the Chicago Cubs on Monday night, where he didn't hit a single  ball out of the infield. He whiffed more than he made contact. 

Incredibly, it's still better than his golf swing.

Joe Maddon discussed Barkley's golf swing, and how he was encouraged not to let him get in the cage.

"You know, i've heard about it (Barkley's golf swing)," he said via We mildly tried to get him to hit today, but they really encouraged us not to do that. He was talking about his golf game a little bit. I think I've seen some video of that. He was a good basketball player. Very good basketball player."

Maybe it's because he had Dexter Fowler in his ear, heckling him during his BP session. Or maybe he's just terrible. Probably the latter.

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