Canseco goes bonkers on Twitter after finger fell off during poker tourney

BY foxsports • November 15, 2014

Jose Canseco is having an eventful week.

After going on a Twitter rant Thursday about “comet transport” being the “key to our survival,” the former MLB slugger took to the social media platform again Friday to tell another, well, interesting story. Apparently, Canseco’s finger — the one he accidentally shot off in October while cleaning his guns — fell off during a poker tournament.

Well, that certainly sounds disgusting.

Canseco went on to say that his fianceé, who took the video, sent it to his agent, but Canseco (thankfully) didn’t post it . . . yet.

Saturday Canseco showed off his loose attitude about the whole experience, full of his own punchlines. What a beauty (but seriously, please don't post that video, Jose).


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