Buzz: Astros botch Ladies Night

BY Sam Gardner • September 25, 2013

You would think the Houston Astros had already done enough to alienate their fanbase by trotting out a minor league-caliber team that’s going to finish with one of the worst records in recent baseball history (a list that includes last year’s Astros team as well).

I mean, it’s gotten to the point where no one — and I mean no one — is even watching them on TV.

But then on Monday, they went ahead and did this, just in case there were a few people who still wanted to watch them play:

According to the link in the tweet: "Astros Ladies Night, presented by State Farm, is a women-only event that allows our female fans to get the inside scoop on the Astros and meet some of the staff and players. The event starts at 4:00 pm with a 'Baseball 101' talk, followed by a happy hour event themed 'Diamond, Bling and Glittery Things' with music, specialty drinks, exclusive Ladies Night gift courtesy of State Farm, group photos with Astros players, and complimentary beauty treatments. Package includes a View Deck II ticket to watch the Astros take on the New York Yankees following the cocktail hour."

The response went about like you’d expect it to:

There are more tweets out there, but I think you get the idea.

It’s not so much that there’s something inherently wrong with advertising a ladies night at a sporting event. Teams do it all the time. There’s also nothing wrong with an event that promotes educating new fans about the game.

But hosting an event that promotes the idea that women know nothing about sports — and implying that only women might find themselves in need of a baseball 101 course — is definitely the wrong way to go about it.

"It's not their intent to alienate women, but it's a symptom of the fact that there are a lot of men who work in sports," Austin-based writer Jessica Luther told Texas Monthly. "I don't think they considered what that would look like to women who already care about baseball."

So yeah, the promotion? A bad idea. The execution? Even worse.

This likely isn’t the way a struggling team limping through the last few days of another 100-loss season wanted to close things out. (Fortunately, they’ll have Roger Clemens in attendance on Sunday to lift everyone’s spirits.) But at the end of the day, at least they’re still making lots of money.

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