October 14, 2010

Anna Stamas

Palm Harbor University High junior

Why do you love the Rays?

I love the Rays because I've grown up with them. All my life, even when they were horrible, I've always supported them. My uncle has been a season ticket holder since they first started in 1998 and he introduced me to them, so I was only about 4 or 5 years old.


In that final game against the Rangers, what happened?

Before coming into this game I had faith in David Price, and in the Rays. I know Price didn't have the best ALDS Game 1, but I thought he'd redeem himself. He was put in a similar situation in 2008: As a rookie he was able to get the save for the Rays against the Red Sox in Game 7 of the ALCS. (On Tuesday) the team as a whole was not aggressive, at bat and on the basepaths. Look at the Rangers' first inning. They were able to get a runner on second and get another batter to hit him in with a base hit. The main purpose of the first inning is to get ahead, to rack up runs so you can put pressure on the opposing team. The Rays didn't come out hard enough; we took many good pitches and did not execute offensively, which does not put runners on the bases to get runs. Once a team is down, it takes a lot of effort to get back in the game and rally back.

Even with the loss how do you feel?

It would have been great seeing the Rays head on deeper into the playoffs, but unfortunately Tampa Bay's 2010 season has come to an end. It is most probable that veteran leftfielder Carl Crawford will leave the Rays, which no one wants to see happen. But whatever may be in store, I stand by the Rays, because there is always next year.