The sports world is officially clueless as to where Tom Brady will play next season

The greatest mystery in American sports is…where will Tom Brady play football next season?

Seriously. Nobody knows what to make of this thing. And on Tuesday, things got even wackier.

Robert Kraft wants Brady to explore free agency?

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Believe it.

Told you this thing is getting wacky.

We’ve heard of Patriots coach Bill Belichick wanting to move off of Brady, dating back to the Jimmy Garoppolo days.

Remember this?

But it was Kraft that overruled Belichick on that move.

Now, people are not only confidently speculating that Brady is leaving New England…

…they are adding another crazy wrinkle into this mystery.

We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

What’s the next level after wacky?


See, in Dallas, Prescott is apparently asking for big money.

And there seems to be a hesitancy on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ part to pay Prescott what he’s asking for.

So, many are confident that the quarterback position for the Cowboys will soon be wide open.

And if Brady is looking for a new team, then there is potentially a fit in Dallas, among other places.

Ironically, although they are at distinctly different points in their careers, Brady and Prescott are essentially in the same predicament: their respective owners aren’t willing to shell out the big bucks.

In Brady’s defense, he’s taken discounts for years in New England. In fact, he’s never been the highest paid quarterback in the league. He ranked 7th among QBs on the salary scale this past season.

Most would contend he deserves to get paid for his years of service, which includes nine Super Bowl appearances and six Super Bowl rings.

However, some contend that Brady’s abilities, regardless of his sacrifices, do not warrant a salary north of $30 million.

FOX Bet still has the Patriots favored as Brady’s eventual landing spot, but regardless, this thing is wacky.

It’s bonkers.

It’s…some word we won’t even know until it’s finished.

Stay tuned.