WATCH: Muschamp addresses offensive philosophy in press conference

Muschamp delves into his coaching philosophies.
Rob Foldy/Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Will Muschamp knows he’ll have to improve upon his offensive output from when he was at Florida, as he makes the transition in becoming the head coach of South Carolina. 

In his final season at Florida, his offense ranked twelfth in the conference in total offense. The prior year, the Gators ranked towards the bottom in virtually every category. It was a stagnant scheme, rooted in conventionality. It didn’t possess the creative, dynamic principles needed to "be with the times."

If Muschamp’s introductory press conference is any indication, this system will radically change in Columbia. 

"Identity-wise, we want to be fast and we want to be physical and we want to spread the field and make the defense defend the entire field," said Muschamp. "The more times you snap the ball, the better chance you have to score. I have figured that out."

While it’d premature to say South Carolina will employ a high-octane, up-tempo offense akin to Oregon, those do appear to be steps in the right direction from an evolution standpoint. 

Muschamp could also opt to look back at the time he spent with offensive guru Gus Malzahn this past year at Auburn.

"This past season at Auburn was outstanding for me to work with Gus Malzahn," said Muschamp. "I sat back and watched how he administered some things."

Muschamp will look to improve an offense that averaged only 22.0 points per game in 2015. 

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