College Football Predictions: Week Two

Each and every week, our staff will give you our College Football weekly picks. Take a look at who we have in week 2.

College Football season is finally upon us.

After a great week of games, week two leaves something to be desired. There are some good games on the schedule, but not nearly as many as you’d like to see after a stellar week of College Football.

After the first week, we have a tight race. Here are the staff standings before we give our predictions for the second week of College Football.

1) Ben (6-4)

1) Cole (6-4)

3) Andrew (5-5)

3) Ty (5-5)

6) Travis (4-6)

College Football Week 2 Predictions:

Penn State at Pittsburgh

Andrew: Pitt

Tyreese: Pitt

Ben: Pitt

Cole: Pitt

Travis: Pitt

Iowa State at Iowa

Andrew: Iowa

Tyreese: Iowa

Ben: Iowa

Cole: Iowa

Travis: Iowa

Kentucky at Florida

Andrew: Florida

Tyreese: Florida

Ben: Florida

Cole: Florida

Travis: Florida

Wake Forest at Duke

Andrew: Duke

Tyreese: Duke

Ben: Duke

Cole: Duke

Travis: Duke

Arkansas at TCU

Andrew: TCU

Tyreese: TCU

Ben: TCU

Cole: TCU

Travis: TCU

South Carolina at Mississippi State

Andrew: Mississippi State

Tyreese: Mississippi State

Ben: Mississippi State

Cole: Mississippi State

Travis: Mississippi State

Florida Atlantic at Miami

Andrew: Miami

Tyreese: Miami

Ben: Miami

Cole: Miami

Travis: Miami

Virginia Tech at Tennessee

Andrew: Tennessee

Tyreese: Virginia Tech

Ben: Virginia Tech

Cole: Tennessee

Travis: Tennessee

BYU at Utah

Andrew: Utah

Tyreese: Utah

Ben: Utah

Cole: Utah

Travis: BYU

Virginia at Oregon

Andrew: Oregon

Tyreese: Oregon

Ben: Oregon

Cole: Oregon

Travis: Oregon

What are your predictions for this week’s slate of games? Comment below with your picks and see if you can beat our staff!

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