Razorback Women’s Basketball Team to End Protests

Last week, the Razorback’s women’s basketball team started a frenzy from fans after some of the team decided to kneel during the national anthem. In a statement today, coach Dykes said that would not be continuing.

Before an exhibition show last week, some of the Lady Razorbacks decided to kneel during the anthem in protest of police killing African Americans. After the game, coach Dykes said that he supported his players.

The U of A may have supported the players but many fans did not. Twitter exploded with outrage. Coach Dykes said he was in a hard position with the protests. Stating that he would always stand for the anthem but that he supported his players right to protest.

Dykes and two players held a press conference on Wednesday, during which the protests were addressed. Sophomore Jordan Danberry said they knelt to bring awareness and not to disrespect the flag. They have heard from fans and will no longer kneel.

Many who understand the rights of the players also understand that this type of protest is divisive to many and takes away from the actual reason for the protests. Instead of protesting during the anthem, the girls have formed a new community engagement program called “Project Unify”. The goal of the project is to create discussions to enhance understanding between the different members of the community.

The decision comes after some elementary schools decided not to participate in the annual Elementary Day game due to the protests. I am personally happy to see the distraction of the protest move on and be turned to action by the players. Woo Pig!

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