'Madden 16' trailer is wild, stars Gronk as 'Half Top'

BY foxsports • August 21, 2015

By NESN Staff

Well, this is probably the weirdest thing you’ll see all day.

Football season is upon us, which means the latest installment of the “Madden” video game is about zap productivity for football fans around the world. Most gamers are excited enough as it is, but EA Sports is still going to promote the heck out of the game and apparently will do so in a very bizarre way.

A star-studded trailer for “Madden NFL 16” dropped Friday, and it’s pretty wild. The 4-minute video “stars” noted actors Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse alongside guest NFL stars Rob Gronkowski, Julio Jones, Colin Kaepernick, Antonio Bryant and Rex Ryan. It plays out like a movie trailer with sporadic “Madden” clips sprinkled in, and we can’t stress this enough, it’s odd.

Check it out here.

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