Adrian Peterson reveals where he'd like to play other than Minnesota

BY Nick Schwartz • January 20, 2017

Veteran 31-year-old running back Adrian Peterson - who played in just three games during the 2016 season - is set to make $18 million in 2017 if the Vikings pick up his option before March 11.

Given Peterson's age and the wear and tear on his body, it would be a steep price for the Vikings to pay to keep their former league MVP, but Peterson said during an interview Thursday that he hopes to remain in Minnesota next season.


“I see myself in purple. A lot has to take place. I see myself finishing off in purple. It is a business at the end of the day, so with that, things could end up differently. ... Hopefully we can work things out.”

“There's a couple teams out there that I've thought about. ... New York was one of them that popped up, Tampa Bay, lot of different teams. Houston would be a good spot. I’ll stop right there. ... I'm just throwing random names out there.”

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