Steve Kerr's message for Steph Curry: 'Be a little smarter'

BY Nick Schwartz • December 26, 2016

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr benched the reigning unanimous NBA MVP in the final seconds of of thrilling NBA Finals rematch in Cleveland, and Steph Curry watched Kyrie Irving hit a game-winner from the sideline.

Curry had a poor game by his standards - going 4-for-11 from the field to score 15 points - and Kerr gave his superstar point guard some very public constructive criticism after the game.


"I think [Curry] can be a little smarter, I think he can make better decisions, and that'll help against anybody. But I'm not worried about him missing shots; I'm more worried about just decision-making and making sure that we're where we need to be as a group.

.... Around-the-back passes in the paint, silly plays. We just have to make simple plays, and we talk about that all the time, but we've got to make it more of a habit."

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