Stephen Curry says he'll beat Kobe Bryant's gift to teammates for MVP

Published May. 6, 2015 4:13 p.m. ET

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry won his first MVP award, but it's his teammates who might be the biggest winners after all.


During Curry's acceptance speech, outspoken forward Draymond Green wanted to know what Curry planned on doing to reward his teammates for helping him attain the league's most prestigious individual award. Thanks to Kobe Bryant, Curry has a high bar to hit.


Here's more from Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:


Not only did Curry field many different questions from the media, but unexpectedly, teammate Draymond Green grabbed the microphone. Green called out his teammate by using Kobe Bryant as an example of a former MVP that awarded his teammates with an expensive gift.



The only major difference between Bryant and Curry when they won the MVP award is the amount of money in their bank accounts. Curry made only $10.6 million this season, an incredible bargain for the Warriors, while in 2007-08 when Kobe won his award he was pulling in $19.4 million and had been making $10 million or more every season leading up to that season since 2000-01.


(h/t Lakers Nation)