NBA player jokes with reporter, uses 'Bull Durham' sports media cliche

BY foxsports • January 29, 2016

Derrick Favors will return to Utah's starting lineup Friday night. Many are eager to see Favors start alongside Rudy Gobert -- their first time in the starting lineup together since Nov. 30

When Favors was asked if he was excited to return as a starter, however, he was totally nonchalant and didn't seem to have much of an opinion either way. Favors, who returned to Utah's active rotation two games ago, hasn't started since Dec. 23. But to Favors, he's just doing his job.

"It feels regular," said Favors, at first. "I've been starting for the whole year so it feels regular."

In a video via Salt Lake Tribune's Aaron Falk, reporter Tony Jones asks Favors to "work with me a little" so that he could pry some more information out of Favors. Utah's big man didn't know what to say. So he reached into the back of his pocket to use every sports media cliché. 

"All my hard work paid off," joked Favors. "Coach finally believed in me and put me in the starting lineup. Hopefully I can maintain that starting lineup spot and just try to help the team win."

Much like Oakland A's rookie Mark Canha in April, Favors has now officially channeled the iconic "cliché" scene in Bull Durham.

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