Lakers' World Peace tweets frustrations

BY foxsports • November 21, 2011

The NBA lockout is getting to Metta World Peace.

The Lakers star, formerly known as Ron Artest, posted a series of tweets Monday night challenging Charlotte Bobcats majority owner Michael Jordan to a game of one-on-one, saying if he beat the Chicago Bulls legend then the two sides would have to agree to end the lockout.

He then unloaded on NBA commissioner David Stern.

"The NBA logo should be a picture of david stern. Our bath robes should have his signature on it. The league is better off communist," he wrote.

"All hail David. We serve David in the morning. Imagine lebron James making David breakfast in bed.

"Imagine Shaquille oneal tucking David stern in bed. "Goodnight mr stern" Imagine me the house keeper "get it yourself David" Lol."

World Peace has previously criticized Jordan during the labor dispute, saying he did not come through for the players at a critical stage in the negotiations.

Jordan is regarded as one of the strongest advocates against handing the players concessions in the new collective bargaining agreement.

"Come on Jordan!! Bring it. One on one. I win lockout over. I'll beat u with my eyes closed and a in and out burger in my right hand!!" he wrote.

World Peace's tweets had begun innocently enough, listing all the things he missed about playing, from seeing Jack Nicholson courtside to wearing tight shorts.

He also described how he missed the Kardashian's VIP treatment at the Staples Center -- Khloe is married to the Lakers' Lamar Odom -- and how he wished he could see another teammate, Shannon Brown, dunk on the Celtics' Ray Allen like the "rim was 8ft."

"I miss jack Nicholson Im not gay ,I'm straight but damnit , But damnit I want to hug jack!! I miss Denzel also," World Peace wrote.

"I miss the laker girls I miss the referee who runs like he is riding three horses.

"I miss shooting airballs and dribbling the ball off my leg and Kobe saying. "Ronny stop!"

"I miss my tight shorts. I miss Ron Artest. I hope Blake griff dunks on me and makes a kid coloring book with a pop out poster with the dunk.

"I want to play instead of cooking. I feel like a Atlanta house wife."

The NBA's owners locked out the players on July 1 and the ongoing dispute has seen games canceled through December 15.

The players announced earlier Monday that, after filing two antitrust lawsuits against the league in different states, they would be merging both and had opted for Minnesota as their chosen venue to fight out the court battle.

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