How high should the Boston Celtics be on James Young?

BY foxsports • July 28, 2015

The Boston Celtics expect James Young to become a productive player sooner or later. But when will he come into his own? The 19-year-old was disappointing at summer league and played with a discouraging passiveness.

How should this affect Boston's expectations for last year's first-round pick in its upcoming season?'s Brian Robb takes a look right here:

"The challenge for Young after a disappointing summer will be proving he is worthy of minutes in a deep backcourt. Boston’s offseason moves as a whole (acquiring Amir Johnson and David Lee) indicate that the Celtics are focused more on taking a step forward as a franchise rather than giving minutes to unproven members of the team’s young core, including as Young."

Young won't get minutes for the sake of exposure and experience, and that can be tough for a youngster who's battling confidence issues. 

But when he does get on the floor Young should be fine if he plays hard on defense and takes open shots when they present themselves. 

(h/t: Boston)

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