Dennis Rodman congratulates LeBron's Cavs, calls 95-96 Bulls the greatest team ever

BY Andrew Lynch • June 20, 2016

While LeBron James was cementing his legacy as one of the greatest ever with a Game 7 win on Sunday night, he simultaneously preserved one of Michael Jordan's biggest accomplishments.

The 2015-16 Golden State Warriors will always have their record-breaking 73 wins from this regular season. A loss to LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 Finals doesn't take that away from them. Yet without winning the title, Golden State's claim to be the greatest team in NBA history has been severely weakened. Just ask Dennis Rodman, who congratulated the Cavs and let the Warriors know the score shortly after Sunday's game ended:

There's something oddly coincidental about LeBron being the one who kept that 95-96 Bulls team's legacy safe. James' entire career has been defined (by outsiders, at least) by his pursuit of Jordan as the game's greatest. By bolstering his own resume, LeBron also made sure that Jordan's greatest team remains firmly atop its throne in the history books.

No word from Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson or Jordan himself at the time of this writing. If any of those Bulls -- or Toni Kukoc, or whoever -- adds their two cents, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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