Cuban criticizes officiating in Clippers-Nets game

BY foxsports • November 30, 2016

DALLAS (AP) Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is again expressing frustration with NBA officials, although this time his criticism has nothing to do with his own team.

Prior to the Mavericks' game Wednesday night against San Antonio, Cuban complained about missed traveling and double-dribble calls in the first 15 seconds of the Clippers-Nets game Tuesday night - Brooklyn's Bojan Bogdanovic committed both uncalled violations within feet of referee Ken Mauer.

Cuban has been fined more than $1.5 million by the league for criticizing officiating over the years and says he is ''almost ready to get fined after watching that double-dribble.'' He says if an opponent got away with the same ''ridiculous'' violation against Dallas, he likely would have protested the outcome.

Cuban says he understands that some calls will be missed, but ''some of them is a lack of focus and attention, and that's the one thing you should be able to avoid at all times.''

The league did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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