Brewery offers Aldridge quite the incentive to stay a Blazer

Published Jul. 2, 2015 9:48 p.m. ET

While LaMarcus Aldridge is weighing offers from teams on where to continue his career, a Portland Brewery is offering an incentive for Aldridge to stay in the area.

Breakside Brewery is enticing Aldridge to stay with the Trail Blazers with free beer for life as well as a signature beer, writing in a tweet

Aldridge has already reportedly told the Lakers “thanks, but no thanks”, which resulted in tweets as part of a social media campaign to get Aldridge to Los Angeles to be deleted.

Pat Riley is reportedly meeting with Aldridge, putting the Heat in the mix. The Suns cleared a considerable amount of cap space in attempt to offer Aldridge a max contract. The Spurs are firmly in the discussion as well and probably the favorite to land his signature.

Despite all of the teams courting Aldridge, the Blazers can’t be counted out just yet. Damian Lillard is reportedly headed to meet with his teammate of the past three seasons in an effort to convince him the Blazers are the right situation for him. Perhaps beer will be included as part of his pitch?

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