Ayesha Curry questions the referees after Warriors' Game 5 loss

BY Andrew Lynch • June 14, 2016

When your opponents' top two stars go off for 82 combined points, there's not a whole lot you can do about it. You just have to shrug your shoulders, credit the other team, and move on to the next game.

Or, if you're Ayesha Curry, you can throw out a rhetorical question about the officiating after the Cleveland Cavaliers trounced the Golden State Warriors in Game 5:

This is a bit of an odd reaction to what became something of a blowout in the fourth quarter. Maybe Ayesha's referencing a key play late in the game when LeBron James went straight up at the rim and defended a Steph Curry layup? But that was a clean play, so ... you know what? Whatever. After a game like that, it's fine that those on the losing side would want to blow off some steam.

Curry's been pretty vocal during the Finals, which is awesome. The game's more fun when everyone around a team is getting involved -- athough we kind of worry that she and the Warriors might have woken up the basketball god inside LeBron with their recent remarks.

Anyway, to answer her question: Yes, officials can be fined. They can also be suspended. The NBA just doesn't (usually) announce any discipline, because the league generally keeps officiating things behind closed doors.

Well, other than those pesky last two minutes reports, of course. Those are apparently an act of "transparency."

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