Apparently Kobe Bryant's wife does shoot with him at the gym

BY Jovan Buha • February 5, 2015

Drake was wrong.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, does indeed shoot with him in the gym ... sometimes.

Back in 2012, amid speculation that Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant were going to divorce, Drake criticized Vanessa Bryant in the song "Stay Schemin," boasting:

Kobe about to lose a hundred fifty M's

Kobe my n---- I hate it had to be him

B---- you wasn't with me shooting in the gym

(B---- you weren't with me shooting in the gym)

Here is a (clean) soundbite -- the lines come around the 2:20 mark:

The controversial lyrics blew up on social media, spawning T-shirts and memes galore, and became so mainstream it was impossible for Kobe and Vanessa to ignore.

Ultimately, they reconciled their marriage, and Drake apologized to the Queen Mamba before she lashed out at him on Instagram. 

With Kobe's forthcoming documentary "Kobe Bryant's Muse" set to premiere on Feb. 28, he released a 30-second teaser video on Wednesday night that featured Vanessa shooting around with him at Staples Center at 4 a.m.

Kobe, ever the competitor, challenged her to make a backwards shot from the free-throw line. On her third try, Kobe claims this happened (note: NSFW at the 0:22 mark):

Kobe also posted a link to the shot on his Twitter, teeing it up with an apparent reference to Drake's classic line:

Leave it to the Mamba to have the last word.

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