Rockies' Hawkins, Stubbs take on the #BelowtheLine challenge

April 15, 2015

What would you buy if you only had $15 to spend for a week's worth of groceries? The Rockies' LaTroy Hawkins and Drew Stubbs recorded a video last month of them shopping for food with only $15. The two of them were promoting the #BelowtheLine challenge on behalf of the Major League Baseball Players Trust to raise awareness for people living in extreme poverty.

The $15 is actually a combination of each player's $7.50 which they would have if they were living on $1.50 per day. Both Hawkins and Stubbs actually plan to live on $1.50 on Thursday, April 16 and will document their efforts on Twitter: @LaTroyHawkins32 and @drewstubbs13. For comparison, Hawkins is earning $2.25 million this year ($6,164 per day), and Stubbs has a contract worth $5.83 million ($15,959 per day).