Red Sox fan devastated after dropping Dustin Pedroia's home run ball

May 12, 2016

Catching a home run ball is awesome. What's not awesome is having one hit right to you, and dropping it off of the Green Monster. That's exactly what this fan did at the Boston Red Sox game on Wednesday night, and he was stunned.

Dustin Pedroia launched a rocket over the big wall and into the front row where Matt was sitting. After driving down from Rhode Island, catching a home run ball from Pedroia would have been great for Matt, but his hands failed him.

"The technique was off. I closed my eyes, I thought I could've brought it in easily," Matt said. "I should've played it off the chest."

Matt promised to catch the next ball hit to him, but it doesn't get much easier than the one Pedroia hit. He didn't even have to move an inch.