Mets Double-A team could be called 'Stud Muffins' or 'Rumble Ponies' in 2017

Published May. 18, 2016 11:32 a.m. ET

The New York Mets need your help. They could use a hand naming their Double-A team for 2017. The Binghamton Mets, as their currently called, are getting a name change for next season, and the options are fantastic.

The franchise is allowing fans to vote on six potential names. They are as follows, along with the explanation for each.

These names were chosen from over 1,500 fan suggestions, which makes us wonder what the other 1,4994 write-ins were. We have to say Stud Muffins and Rumble Ponies are the front runners, though maybe fans want something a bit more imposing on the field.

Voting runs through June 1 at the team's website, so there is plenty of time to vote for the Rumble Ponies as much as you physically can.