Crying photo of Mets' Flores being hawked by memorabilia site

BY foxsports • August 20, 2015

So there is crying in baseball after all - at a price tag of $69.99.
Fans of the New York Mets have a chance to keep a permanent memory of one of the season's most heartwarming moments, when shortstop Wilmer Flores broke into tears on the field and in the dugout during a July 29 game amid reports he had been traded.
Steiner Sports is offering the chance to preserve that moment by selling autographed photos of Flores in tears, aptly titled "Crying In Dugout."
Although the trade fell through within hours, Flores provided more goosebumps for Mets fans two nights later when he belted a 12th-inning, walk-off home run to beat the Washington Nationals.
Steiner Sports parlayed that dramatic ending into its marketing campaign with a promotion that reads: "With a script that could not be duplicated in Hollywood, New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores turned an emotional moment in the field into an unforgettable one in the batter's box with a walk-off home run in the summer on July 31, 2015."
Of course, the memorabilia company also is offering an autographed shot of the game-winning homer (same price) that capped a 48-hour emotional roller coaster for Flores.
(h/t New York Daily News)

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