Carli Lloyd takes on 3 defenders to score her second goal of the day vs. Panama | 2018 CONCACAF Women’s Championship

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Carli Lloyd takes on 3 defenders to score her second goal of the day against Panama.

COMMENTATOR 1: And you go back to or not be able to turn her hips and get that ball out of the field when she gifted the US this corner kick they just took. It's another learning experience for them. This ball, again, by Christen Press beautifully weighted in that back post.

Carli Lloyd, great timing on that. Just drifts into open space. You can see how easily she beats Mills to get open. And then it looks Hind isn't able to close her. Nor is Bailey. She's caught off her line. She tries to get a hand to it, but too much power, too much precision from Lloyd there. 2-0.

COMMENTATOR 2: 100 and third goal for Carli Lloyd after missing on two great chances earlier in the game. Short. Lloyd holding it up well, now goes toward goal. Lloyd looking [INAUDIBLE] in the goal. 3-0 USA, two for Carli Lloyd.

COMMENTATOR 1: This is just an exceptional goal, JP. And it starts with Casey Short taking that first touch to beat the first line of pressure, and then this cutting ball. Look at Lloyd just sitting off that line, sense the pressure, and then rolls her, beats that defender right there with a little hesitation. And that's a sweet finish. No movement on that ball, it looks like at first glance.

I love this turn there. Just shimmies the hips and then slides by that second recovering defender. Bailey can't get anything on that.

COMMENTATOR 2: That is tough to defend, even for an experienced backline.

COMMENTATOR 1: And it's not the best offense, obviously. But fair enough-- I mean, that's a great move.