90′ in 90″ Manchester City vs. Liverpool | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of action from the second leg between Manchester City and Liverpool in just 90 seconds.

- Will it be a repeat of that history? Will Liverpool get back toward the European summit? Or can Manchester City pull off one of the biggest turnarounds in Champions League history? A game that Pep Guardiola said going in he hope is going to be giving on the left. Here it is for Sterling. Gabriel Jesus! It's in the middle! It's a dream start! It is a perfect start! Two minutes on the board for Man City! One goal closer to Liverpool!

Oh, and they're looking for Sane [INAUDIBLE] Karius there with the [INAUDIBLE] and it's loose in front! It's end! But--

- Decide if this is offside or not. Sane. And Karius makes the wrong decision to try and come and get this one. And then the deflection off of-- came off of Jesus.

- This is the moment after the first half whistle. Pep Guardiola barking at the Spanish official, Antonio Mateo [INAUDIBLE]. And you see him pointing up and talking to Pep. He has dismissed Pep, essentially sending him to the stands.

- As we see Pep Guardiola taking his position up in the stands.

- Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane running to his right. Mane got around LaPorte. Contact from Fernandinho [INAUDIBLE] clearly. Mohamed Salah! 39th goal, all competitions this season! The hammer blow! The away goal for Liverpool! Mohamed Salah might get another look at it here as Firmino picks it off [INAUDIBLE] foot, or is he going to take it himself? In off the post!

- Puts him in, he doesn't make a decision, tries to force the ball through the middle. And then Mo Salah, Fernandinho has to be careful of two on Liverpool. Goodnight.