QB tweets apology after blowout loss

When your team loses its season opener by 35 points, you know it’s bad. When your team’s starting QB later that night apologizes to the world for his performance, you know it’s really bad.

Well Purdue fans, it’s really bad.

Following Saturday’s 42-7 loss to Cincinnati, Boilermakers quarterback Rob Henry took to Twitter to apologize for his performance.

For the record, Henry, a senior, was 18 of 35 passing for 161 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions while running for four yards and his team’s only score.

And to his credit, Henry made a promise to his fans that many college football fans would likely enjoy seeing a certain Heisman-winning QB do — for all of our sakes.

The good news (we think): Purdue hosts Indiana State on Saturday.

H/t: Yardbarker