Ducks’ celebrations don’t cross the line

The "O" is OK.

The Oregon Nation has made its case, and I have heard it loud and clear.

When dissecting Oregon’s touchdown celebrations, in a video posted Saturday on, I vowed I would call Ducks coach Chip Kelly to discuss the matter. And I did, also talking with Jeff Hawkins, the team’s director of football operations.

I told them it is OK for Oregon players to quickly flash the "O" sign to celebrate a good play. But it must not be prolonged and cannot be directed at an opponent. Doing it the way the Ducks do it is fine.

I reached this conclusion after talking with the Pac-12’s coordinator of officiating, Tony Corrente, and the NCAA’s national coordinator of officiating, Rogers Redding. Both told me that the Ducks’ “O” is legal. Plus, if the Ducks flashing the “O” sign were deemed to be illegal, then the same would have to be said for the University of Texas and many other teams with similar school salutes.

That being said, if the salute is directed at an opponent in a taunting gesture, it would be deemed to be a foul.

So, the taunt is on me. Sorry, Oregon fans.