What does Eric Striker have to say this time? It’ll surprise you

Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker has spoken out in favor of gay marriage. He’s spoken out against the SAE Fraternity at Oklahoma. He’s been featured on ESPN.com and has talked trash about the SEC.

Tuesday, Striker spoke up on another issue – his most-recent homework assignment.

He showed up after practice telling reporters about how excited he is about a paper he’s writing on Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. He wasn’t just excited, though. He quizzed media members about the two presidents, asking questions, waiting for answers and providing a lecture, too. Perhaps Striker has a future as a historian or teacher. 

You can see that interview here.

"It’s a good week for me," Striker told the reporters. "I’m loving this week."

Striker is an All-Big 12 linebacker. He and the Sooners play Texas Tech on Saturday in Norman, Okla.