OC Langsdorf taking passing game back to basics

For the Nebraska Cornhuskers to be successful this season, they will need to pass the ball efficiently. Without Ameer Abdullah powering the running game, more offensive responsibility will fall on quarterback Tommy Armstrong.

To help with the struggles of the passing game to remain consistent, Danny Langsdorf is taking things back to basics. Here is the quote from the Omaha World Herald where he talks about the advantages to throwing against air:

"The pros at the top of their game (were) out there throwing routes on air,” Langsdorf said. “That shouldn’t be lost in terms of teaching and progressing into the season. That’s what I feel like with our guys, of having a good understanding of how important that is.”

The Huskers did just fine with explosive plays last year, but need to find consistency in the short passing game to keep the chains moving, especially in league play. Langsdorf is betting that he has the right formula.

(h/t Omaha World Herald)

Photo Credit: Cary Edmondson/USA TODAY Sports