Nebraska senior captain Lewis blasts fans on social media

Fans should not tweet angry things at players and players should not take the bait and respond with vitriol. If everyone kept that in mind, situations like these would be avoided.

After a ridiculous penalty by offensive tackle Alex Lewis in a key spot during overtime of the Miami loss, fans let the senior captain hear it on social media. 

Lewis responded, not to one fan in particular but to everyone he deemed to be a "fairweather" fan on his Facebook page:

"I’m done playing for the state of Nebraska! You want to blame me for the loss, that’s fine! But I have done every thing right to prove I belong and yet you say (I’m) not a husker! So you want to see what Alex Lewis is about? Then sit back and criticize because (I’m) going to prove to myself and my family that i am better than these fair weather fans that call (themselves) huskers! You have let loose a storm that the huskers (haven’t) seen seen since 95 and you will kiss my feet when (I’m) done with you! So screw everyone who ever doubts me. Aka the whole state of Nebraska, who said i was not nebraska worthy since my arrest!"

It’s never a good idea to generalize an entire group of people based on a small percentage of vocal fans. Mike Riley said as much during his press conference earlier today:

"And then his response was bad because, first of all, he doesn’t need to do that — you don’t need to gain your identity from social media and react like that. And, second of all, you don’t generalize like that about a group of people. And he knows that. That, basically, was the nature of the conversation." 

It’s important to remember we are dealing with 18- to 22-year-olds in college football, but this is a regrettable moment for all involved.

(h/t Omaha World Herald)

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