Harbaugh shares thoughts on atmosphere at Michigan games this season

Jim Harbaugh likes how things are going in Ann Arbor this year.
Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Among the many things Michigan football fans often criticized during the tenure of former athletics director Dave Brandon were the attempts to jazz up the game-day atmosphere at football games with piped-in music and other activities. 

Per the Detroit Free Press, those distractions are gone with Brandon having been fired last year, and new coach Jim Harbaugh approves of what he has seen so far. 

Fans in attendance at an Ann Arbor pizza place for the coach's weekly radio show reportedly applauded when Harbaugh praised the “good old fashioned” atmosphere at games this season. 

Of course, Harbaugh was busy coaching elsewhere the past few years so he was not around for the Brandon era, but he expressed the opinion the atmosphere is better at games now than it was when he was a youngster growing up in Ann Arbor as the son of an assistant coach in the 1970s and when he was a player in the '80s. 

“It's very inspirational to the team and we want the team to play inspired football and keep the crowd inspired,” Harbaugh said. “The good thing about it is, it's natural.”

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