Kirk Ferentz agrees with fans and isn’t happy with recent results

For quite some time now, Kirk Ferentz' job security has been talked about. Every time it comes up, an Iowa fan will surely cite his large buyout or his close relationship with the school's administration.

Iowa fans aren't alone in their frustrations though, as Kirk Ferentz admitted that he isn't happy with the recent results either. Here is what he told the Big Ten Network:

"We aren’t happy either. I don’t know that things have changed a lot other than there are more avenues to make noise than there used to be. To me, it’s not as much about the numbers, seven wins or eight wins. It’s more about how the games go. The illustration I can give you is our last two home games. We lost to Wisconsin (26-24), not our desired outcome by any stretch. It was a great environment in Kinnick. It was two good teams really competing. A really good college football game. I don’t want to lose. But at least you can go home at night and sleep.

A week later with two pretty good teams playing, we turn the ball over three times and gave up more big plays than you can afford to (a 37-34 overtime loss vs. Nebraska). We broke down twice on special teams with two punt returns for touchdowns. The amazing thing is if we had only given up one, we would have won the game—which is hard to believe because normally when you give one up, you’re doomed. It was hard to walk out of the stadium that day feeling good about that game. You couldn’t. Too many missed opportunities on our part. We don’t feel good about it. We are mostly focused on what we can do to correct it."

While Ferentz is correct about the close losses to good football teams, fans are quickly running out of patience. This year could be a make or break season for the coach who has his program treading water over the last few seasons.

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Photo Credit: Reese Strickland/USA TODAY Sports